Library at Loreto College Foxrock

Our comfortable, spacious library is located on the first floor and is easily accessible to all.

It provides a welcoming environment in which students and staff can read, study, conduct research and produce reports.  The library promotes reading for pleasure, nurtures the development of independent learning, supports the curriculum by providing access to information in all its forms, and maintains collaborative initiatives with staff across subject areas to enhance the provision of engaging learning experiences.

The library is open throughout the school day until 4.30pm. Students may use the library during break and lunch times. 

The library has PCs and a supply of laptops and mobile devices.  WiFi is available throughout the school campus.
Library management is fully automated and we use the web-based Scooter library management system. 
There is a scanner, laminator, copy/printer & colour printer.  Fitted data projector and screen enable the space to be used for viewings and talks. 


Loreto College Foxrock is a proud recipient of the PDST Wellread Schools Award. 

Received in 2017, we continue to nurture our reading culture through a range of events, activities, projects and library provision.

The library serves as a resource centre, a reading centre, an information centre, a learning centre, a viewing centre and a production centre.

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