Evening Study

Supervised Evening Study is offered to all 3rd, 5th and 6th year students each year.

It is run in 2 semesters;

Semester 1 runs from mid September until the end of January and Semester 2 runs from February until May.

Application forms are available on the website or from reception prior to the start of each semester.

Students have the luxury of picking their chosen nights.

Completed application forms with payment must be returned before the semester begins. 

Students find it very benifical as they have their own desk in a silent, mobile phone free environment under the supervision of a teacher. 


Study Times as follows:


Monday: 4.30- 7.25 (break from 5.45-6.00)

Tuesday: 4.30- 7.25 (break from 5.45-6.00)

Wedensday: 2.00-5.00 (break from 3.30-3.45)

Thursday: 4.30- 7.25 (break from 5.45-6.00)

Friday: 4.30-6.30 ( break from 5.30-5.40)


Further details can be sought from Email:  study@loretofoxrock.ie



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