School App


Dear Parents/ Guardians

  • We use the Loreto College Foxrock School App to communicate with our Parents/ Guardians.
  • All Parents/ Guardians please download the School App - see below.
  • This is a cost and time efficient way to communicate to Parents/ Guardians instantly about changes to our school schedule, school meetings, time-tables, sports-fixtures and results.
  • From September 1st  2018 Loreto College Foxrock will not SMS/text Parents/ Guardians.
  • To achieve cost efficiencies we will communicate school notifications using our School App.
  • School News items are also shared using our School App notification.
  • While historically we used SMS/ text messaging, the School App is the most cost efficient method of communicating with you,  our Parents/ Guardians. The School App provides a single solution for messages and news updates.

If you have not done so to date, we trust that you will download the Loreto College Foxrock School App below as soon as possible. 

 Is mise le meas

Bernadette Prendiville



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