Mary Ward Week - Prayers

Mary Ward Week - Prayers

Thank you to our Religion Department for these reflections during this year's Mary Ward Week

This year schools around the world celebrate 200 years of Loreto Education, following in the footsteps of Sr Frances Teresa Ball, as she spread the vision of Mary Ward to Ireland and further afield.

Together we are inspired by the past and united for the future.  We join with one voice and one heart to give thanks for the great gift of our Loreto education.

Each day this week, we will reflect of each of the five values that embody our philosophy: truth, freedom, justice sincerity and joy as we are guided to be ‘seekers of truth and doers of justice’.

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Prayer for Truth

Loving God

We are called to explore the deep truth of who we are and what gives meaning to our lives.

Ignite within us the courage to uncover our authentic selves and in doing so discover our greatest gifts.

May we be guided to seek your truth, have the integrity to speak it and the love to share it.

Encourage us to draw strength from one another and act as a united voice of truth in the pursuit of a loving and just world.

Called by Mary Ward and Teresa Ball, we seek and speak a truth that invites us to do ordinary things well, a truth that leads to justice for all.

Help us to recognise your divine presence within ourselves and those around us,

With one heart we pray.



Prayer for Freedom

Dear God

You give us freedom within our hearts so that we may grow in self-acceptance to serve others.

Through this liberty You allow us to embrace the gift of life and see the good in all your creation,

and so, we give thanks. 

Grant us the strength to act out of love and not fear. Instil in us the inner freedom to surpass our own limitations,

to see beyond the narrowness of self-doubt and personal interest.

In times of hardship, guide us in our quest for inner freedom

and allow us to be who we truly are.

Give us the courage to admit our faults,

to learn from our mistakes

and grow in Your unwavering love.

Through this freedom, grant us the power

to stand up and speak out for the betterment of ourselves, our school and the wider community.

Enable us to develop a sense of identity that is inwardly free and that fosters the values of Mary Ward and Teresa Ball in the true Loreto Spirit.



Prayer for Justice

Loving God

May the strength of your love become alive within us.

As we grow in harmony with You

and Your creation,

may we love ourselves as you love us.

Give us the courage to open our eyes

 and respond with compassion to the injustices that surround us.

Grant us the wisdom to see right from wrong

and enable us to make a difference.

Guide us to use our gifts to empower the powerless and give a voice to the voiceless.

Lord, let justice help us see the world without assumptions and expectations.

Following the example of Mary Ward and Teresa Ball assist us in being ‘seekers of truth and doers of justice’.

Hear our prayer which we ask in Jesus’ name.



Prayer for Sincerity

Loving God

Sincerity is to speak with true feelings,

act with true kindness

and think with true understanding.

We praise you for our individual gifts

that allow us to live in the service of Sincerity.

We ask you Lord for the support, guidance and courage to be sincere women of Mary Ward and Teresa Ball.

Give us the resilience to overcome challenges by having faith in our instincts. Let us embrace our imperfections,

to let our light shine in the sight of all to see.

May we live by a deep truth that leads us to forgive absolutely,

love unconditionally

and express ourselves sincerely.

May we open ourselves to enrich our spirit

and let all that we do be a reflection of our heart’s true values.

Instil in us the courage to align our actions

with our thoughts, words and values, individually and as a school community.

Guide us to form relationships that are marked by trust, honesty and openness,

and encourage us to respect the integrity of all creation.

In one spirit we pray



Prayer for Joy

Loving God 

May we act from love not fear,

 serving one another with humility,

humanity, and humour.

With cheerful minds and grateful hearts,

may our inner joy flourish as we grow

in loving acceptance of ourselves and others.

As we move through the journey of life,

may we give thanks for our blessings

recognising your loving presence

 in all our relationships.

And where love is hidden,

may we find the courage to bring love,

for joy belongs to the open minded

 and generous hearted.


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