Stand Up Week 2022

Stand Up Week 2022

National Stand-Up Week 2022 starts today Monday 14/11/22.

This year the focus of National Stand-Up Week is on tackling homophobic language with an emphasis on words that heal, not hurt. The theme chosen by the ABAs for our Stand-Up Week 2022 is Using Language to Unite – Choosing Words that Heal, not Hurt.  

Your support for Stand-Up Week is invaluable. Helpful information and excellent resources are available on the BelongTo website

There will be fun events such as painting our nails for ‘Thumbs-Up for Unity’, wearing the Stand-Up badges, and each year group will wear their coloured tops for Friday’s ‘Rainbow School for a Day’. There are LGBTQ+ definitions and key words placed around the school this week. The central message in all discussions remains ‘kindness and respect’ – the keystone of our school pledge.

Please click HERE for our presentation for Stand Up Week 2022.

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