TY Pirate Treasure Hunt

TY Pirate Treasure Hunt

Ms Malone's TY History class recently organised a Pirate themed treasure hunt for 1st Years.

It was a great success.  Well done to the TYs for their great organisation and commitment, and to the 1st Years for their great teamwork and participation. Thanks to Ms Malone for facilitating a 'great fun' project.

Congratulations to the two winnings teams from 1 Ward and 1 Poyntz - 

Winni Chan, Aadhya Pathak, Amelia Scallan, Naomi Redmond, Mary O'Callaghan, Audrey Sereda, Cara Marston and Lydia Wang.

Well done to all!!

ty-pirate-treasure-hunt-03  ty-pirate-treasure-hunt-02

ty-pirate-treasure-hunt-04  ty-pirate-treasure-hunt-05



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