Wayne Denner - Online Safety

On Monday November 20th we have a wonderful speaker coming to Loreto Foxrock. Wayne Denner will be talking with the girls during the day and then with the adults in the evening at 7.30pm in the Concert Hall.

Wayne inspires and motivates young people and adults to protect their well-being online, to take control and maximise their individual talent in today's digital world.  Wayne tells his story and provides sound advice on protecting personal, professional and organisational reputations online and using social networks, the internet and smartphones to your advantage.  He is the Author of 'The Student's Guide to an Epic Online Reputation..and parents too'

Wayne set up Ireland's first Social Network platform at the age of 17 in the early noughties -before Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Bebo!.  Wayne has now 20 years experience in the online space and is internationally regarded as a thought leader and influencer on topics such as online safeguarding, youth engagement online and emerging trends in today's rapidly changing online environment.  

He recently spoke in Loreto Dalkey and the feedback was that he is not to be missed.  We hope you will join us on Monday 20th November.

Kind regards    Loreto Foxrock PA

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