TY Visits to Science Gallery and IFI Cinema

TY Visits to Science Gallery and IFI Cinema

Science Gallery Outing

Our class, 4R visited the Science Gallery in Trinity College on Tuesday 21st November.  The theme of the exhibits was ‘Natural disasters’.  We participated in various interactive activities such as card games and a stimulator room.  We also had a guided tour of the exhibits upstairs in the gallery.  We enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

Business Trip to IFI – The Founder  

All TY business students visited the IFI cinema in the City Centre, on Thursday 23rd November, to see the film “The Founder” about the franchising of McDonalds.  We arrived to the IFI and we got an introduction by a member of staff.  The film began and it was very interesting, highlighting various business topics such as franchising, branding and expansion.  It also showed us the unethical business behaviour of one person, Ray Croc, which we were quite shocked by.  We would highly recommend watching this film on Netflix.

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