Homework Guideline

Loreto College Foxrock endeavours to provide a caring and respectful community, which promotes the growth of each individual.  We strive to create a supportive learning environment, which encourages each person to develop her full spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical and social potential.

This policy is rooted in the school’s fundamental aim to foster in students a spirit of self-reliance, independence, co-operation and responsibility and to provide them with the skills for life-long learning.

‘Students are encouraged to strive for excellence at the level of each one’s potential in all areas of life and work’

(Loreto Education Kolkata Guidelines 2003)



 The purpose of homework is threefold:

  1. To revise what is taught that day in class.
  2. To carry out and complete assigned work.
  3. To reinforce the work learned last week/last month etc.




  • Homework reinforces and consolidates skills and understanding developed in school.
  • It encourages the skills needed for students to study effectively on their own and promotes independent learning.
  • It extends school learning, for example through additional reading.
  • It directs research.

From the beginning of First Year each student is expected to establish a homework routine.


Time Spent at Homework

The following guidelines are recommended:

  • First Year                 8-9 hours per week
  • Second Year            10-11 hours per week       
  • Third Year              13-14 hours per week   
  • Transition Year       varies depending on project work and activities
  • Fifth Year                16-17 hours per week
  • Sixth Years              20 hours per week.  Dedicated weekend study is also essential.

Each subject department will have particular homework guidelines.  Teachers will advise students of these requirements.

More able students will complete tasks quickly and correctly and will appear to spend very little time to their homework.  Weaker students and those with learning difficulties may put in large amounts of time and effort. Teachers and parents/guardians need to consider the varying abilities of students when setting homework and inspecting homework.

It is expected that all written homework be completed on time, presented on time and to the best of the student’s ability.

If a student has been absent the onus is on her to discover what work has been set and endeavour to complete it. If the student has been ill for some time, concessions may be made in order to allow the student complete missed assignments by arrangement with the subject teacher.

It is strongly advised that students should not be employed in part-time work during term.

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