Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme

LAUNCHED:  A New Loreto College Foxrock Student led Initiative –


We are absolutely delighted to announce the launch of a new and exciting student led and student implemented initiative here in our school. 

Members of our Student Council 2016/17 addressed their wish for everyone in our school to experience the very best of what it means to be part of the community of Loreto College Foxrock. 

They wanted to find a way to encourage and support all of our students in ensuring that our school is a safe, happy, kind and inclusive place for each student.  Most impressively they wanted to do this from within the student body........................Edel Browne
Click HERE for the full text of the launch of the programme by Ms Browne

Click HERE for the text of the inaugural speech given by our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Coordinator, Eve Reidy, at our first Whole School Assembly of the academic year 2017-18.


Pictured above:  Eve Reidy, our first Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 2020-21
I am delighted to introduce our 6th Year student Ellen Downes as our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Coordinator for this school year.  Ellen worked tirelessly with our wonderful student Anti-Bullying Ambassadors on a range of student led initiatives last year and will be a great role model for our students. This year, Ellen and the ABAs face significant challenges implementing their vision because of Covid protocols, however they are a very committed and creative group and I am sure they will find increasingly imaginative ways to achieve their aims for our school.
With every good wish to Ellen and all our student Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for 2020-2021
Edel Browne

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 2020-2021
Hello everyone, my name is Ellen Downes and I am delighted to be the Anti-Bullying Coordinator for the school this year. I am really excited to have this role and look forward to having some fun yet meaningful events during the year – obviously while maintaining social distancing!


It is so important to highlight positive anti-bullying behaviour and to work towards making sure Loreto Foxrock continues to be a friendly and welcoming place for all students.  We all need to be kind to each other and look out for each other especially during these difficult times.  It is up to each of us to make the school a place where everyone feels at home and feels valued and respected.

Last year, as part of Stand-Up week, we held the annual fingernail painting activity (Thumbs-Up for Diversity) to demonstrate our differences and our similarities.  During this week, we also invited each year group to wear a different colour, then come together and create our own living flag. Our theme for the year was ‘Diversity is a Fact – Inclusion is an Act’.  This is also the perfect place to thank my fellow student Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who work so hard to implement the spirit of our school pledge – to treat everyone with kindness and respect.

aba-02 aba-03  
aba-04 aba-05  

This year, we hope to encourage all students to re-commit to our school pledge and then to have some fun events to highlight the importance of embracing difference and including all of our fellow students.  Despite the Covid restrictions and negativity surrounding us at the moment, I am confident that we can make the most of our year and look back on 2020 -2021 as a positive and happy experience here in Loreto Foxrock.

With best wishes for the academic year 2020-2021
Ellen Downes


Anti-Bullying News 2020-2021

Stand-Up Week  16-20 November

We are reminded this week that Loreto College Foxrock is about whole-school kindness and respect for everyone.

Thanks to our Anti-Bullying Awareness group for putting together these presentations.  To view please click the links below:

Stand-Up Week Nov 2020 Day 1

Stand-Up Week Nov 2020 Day 2

Stand-Up Week Nov 2020 Day 3

Stand-Up Week Nov 2020 Day 4

Stand-Up Week Nov 2020 Day 5


Congratulations to the students whose designs were chosen as winners in the recent Stand-Up Week sticker competition.


Aoibhín Brennan (5C)


Alex O’Mongáin
(2 Babthorpe)


Emer Cullen


Ella McGarry


Emma Keenan
(1 Babthorpe)


Georgina de la Fonteijne
(3 Ward)


Katie Murphy


Rachel Burton


Niamh Walsh
(3 Babthorpe)


Sarah Byrne
(2 Poyntz)


Sadhbh Duffy


Vidya Vorma
(1 Wigmore)


Anti-Bullying Coordinators 2018-19:    Helen Fisher & Lucy Fitzsimons

                           aba-helen-fisher-01     aba-lucy-fitzsimons-01


Feature photos - ABA students and staff interviews with RTE (October 2018)

aba-rte-06  aba-rte-03  aba-rte-05  aba-rte-04

Kindness, Compassion, Consideration ...  By All, For All.