Fee Information

Our fees are very much at the lower end of the fee paying schools and both the Board of Management and the Loreto Trustees are keen that this should continue to be the case.  Fees have remained unchanged for the past two years.  However, as the majority of the school’s running and capital costs are funded directly by the school, rising costs have required us to marginally increase our fees for 2021/22.  The Board of Management has also made the decision to phase out the development donation over the next number of years and incorporate it into the base fee (further information on this below).

Please click this link  LCF School Fee Policy  for all the up-to-date information on the School Fee Policy


Fees 2021/22



     Tuition fee




     School journal         


     Annual retreat         


     Parents’ association subscription


     Locker rental fee (new entrants only)


     Bus trips for sports games (1st and 2nd Years only**)


     Mock Exam Fees (3rd Years only)    


     Mock Exam Fees (6th Years, including orals)          


     Transition Year Fee (4th Years only)


     CBC TY Musical (4th Years only)    


     Higher Options Fee (6th Years only) 



** 3rd to 6th Years will be requested to pay for travel weekly, depending on sports played.

Families with two students at the school will receive a 5% discount on the younger student.  Families with twins or three or more students at the school will receive a 10% discount on the second student, and each student thereafter.

Payment of fees:

There are two methods of payment available as follows:

  • By electronic funds transfer (EFT) in full by the 1st August 2021; or
  • By eight monthly standing order instalments commencing 1st August 2021

All EFT payments can be made directly to our bank account as follows:

Loreto College Foxrock - IBAN IE54 AIBK 9320 8623 3400 87


If you choose to pay the fees in full by the 1st August 2021, a €100 discount will be applied.

If you choose to pay by standing order please ensure that the first instalment is paid on or before 1st August 2021.


Download Standing Order Instruction Click HERE

Development donation:

Parents/guardians are requested to make a donation towards the school’s capital development projects.  These funds are ring-fenced for capital development, the most recent projects being the refurbishment of our concert hall and sports hall roof.   The Board of Management has made the decision to phase out this development donation over the next number of years and incorporate it into the base fee.  For this reason the suggested development donation amount has been reduced from €400 to €300 per student (from €475 to €375 per family) and will continue to be reduced until it is phased out.  Payment is made by way of a donation which enables the school to make a claim to the Revenue Commissioners for a refund of the income tax already paid by the parent/guardian on the donation.  We would ask that where possible parents/guardians fill out the CHY4 cert and return it to the school to facilitate this claim. 

Voluntary Contribution Tax Back Forms explanation


CHY4 Form Annual – covers one year of Voluntary Contribution


Additional Charges:

Our fees cover most costs but additional items such as school books, sports equipment, art supplies and uniforms are purchased by the parents/guardians. Individual music tuition is charged to the parents/guardians account. 

A deposit (€1,000) is payable on acceptance of a place in Loreto College Foxrock.  The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Fee policy:

Account statements will be emailed every month until all monies due are cleared.

In the event that no payment is received or standing order set up by 1st August a student may not be able to commence school the next academic year.  No reduction can be made for temporary absence or if a student leaves during the school year, fees for that academic year are payable in full.  No student will be permitted to progress to the next academic year without all outstanding amounts having been cleared before the end of each academic year.  Unless otherwise advised in writing, notification issued to the student's last known home address/emails on our records shall be considered sufficient notice to both parents/guardians.

Any queries on the school fees and capital development donation should be  addressed to our Head of Finance, Naoisha Maher, at nmaher@loretofoxrock.ie or on 2895637.

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