Student Leadership

Loreto College Foxrock in collaboration with the school management team is guided by elected representatives of our student body.




Featured above:    Faye Megarity, Kate Sweeney, Gráinne Ellison, Ruth Colbert, Eva Magee, Hannah McDonald, Amy Shaw, Eimear Brennan, Ella Le Bris, Libby Kerr.

Ciara Moore, Alice Montayne, Jenny O’Leary, Caoimhe Gilsenan, Rachel Dillon, Julie Barry, Molly Egan, Charlotte McCulloch, Sarah Kealy, Lauren Walsh, Anna Hughes.

Christine Chan, Lauryn Hill, Aisling O’Donnell, Beth Thomas-Irwin, Jana Antonio, Anna O’Sullivan, Gill Chuang, Fisbah Waris, Julie Colgan.


Head Girl:  Jana Antonio   

Deputy Head Girls:  Beth Thomas Irwin & Anna O'Sullivan


Sports Committee

Sports Captain: Rachel Dillon  

Hockey Captain: Ailbhe Ffrench    

Basketball Captain: Amy Shaw   

Gaelic Captain: Caoimhe Gilsenan

Athletics Captain: 


Anti-Bullying Ambassador Coordinators 2022-2023:

6th Year:   Hannah McDonald & Alice Montayne 


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 2022-2023:


Environment Champions:

6th Year:   Eimear Brennan & Grainne Ellison


Wellbeing Champion:

6th Year:   Ruth Colbert


Debates Captain:

6th Year:   Hannah McDonald


Senior Prefects / Mentors:

First Year:  Head Girl - Jana Antonio

Mentor (1 Babthorpe):  Christine Chan

Mentor (1 Poyntz):  Aisling O'Donnell, Ciara Moore

Mentor (1 Rookwood):  Fisbah Waris, Sarah Kealy

Mentor (1 Ward):  Gill Chuang, Lauryn Hill

Mentor (1 Wigmore):  Faye Megarity, Anna Hughes


Second Year:  Deputy Head Girl - Beth Thomas Irwin

Mentor (2 Babthorpe):  Eva Magee

Mentor (2 Poyntz):  Charlotte McCulloch

Mentor (2 Rookwood):  Jenny O'Leary

Mentor (2 Ward):  Kate Sweeney

Mentor (2 Wigmore):  Julie Colgan


Third Year:  Deputy Head Girl - Anna O'Sullivan

Mentor (3 Babthorpe):  Libby Kerr

Mentor (3 Poyntz):  Molly Egan

Mentors (3 Rookwood):  Hannah McDonald, Alice Montayne

Mentor (3 Ward):  Julie Barry, Ella Lebris

Mentor (3 Wigmore):  Lauren Walsh, Mia Solaja


Social Committee


Ember Team  2022-2023


Featured above:   Millie Kelly, Christina Greenan, Ella Cowman, Zoe Moore, Gráinne Hogan, Niamh Walsh, Sophie Maher.



The Student Council in Loreto College Foxrock is comprised of eighteen elected members - three representatives from each year group. Elections to the Student Council take place each May with the voting of the representatives from 2nd Year to 6th Year. These students form the Student Council in the following school year. They are joined in mid-October by the final three members when the election of the new 1st Year students is complete.

The Council meets regularly during the school year to discuss any student-related issues which are brought to its attention. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please see one of your student representatives and let them know that you wish your issue to be brought to the Council.

  • The Council acts as a communications link with school management, teaching staff and other staff in the school.
  • The Council facilitates student participation in decision making and policy formation in the school.
  • The Council promotes the good of the students in the school and ensures that students' issues are listened to and given due consideration.


Student Council 2022/23

Due to restrictions during Covid, May elections for the 2022/23 Student Council were postponed until the new term.

The election took place in early October.  Congratulations to the students listed below who have been voted onto the Student Council for this year by their peers. 

 6th Year

Emilie Martin  

Mia Solaja  

 Yovela Fubara  

 5th Year

Louise Ross Ciara Dowling    Siobhan O'Shea  

 4th Year

Tess Walsh

Abbey O'Neill Sophia Yuan

 3rd Year

 Ella Baber Helen Shang Christina Keeley

 2nd Year

 Amelia Scallan  Aoife Redden

 Niamh Moore

1st Year    

 Jessica Maher

Abbie Kelly

Bohan Zhang