Board of Management

The Loreto College Foxrock Board of Management is appointed by the Loreto Trust Board. It is made up of Loreto Trust Board nominees, parents and teaching staff who give their time generously and who all bring special and unique skills and experience.

The current (2023-2026) eight - member Board of Management includes

4 nominees from the Loreto Trust Board
  • Ms Ger Ryan  (Chairperson)
  • Mr Bernard O'Boyle
  • Mr Raomal Perera
  • Mr Gleb Reys
2 elected nominees from the Parent Body
  • Mr Garrett Hickey
  • Ms Mary O'Sullivan
2 elected nominees from the Teaching Staff
  • Mr Stephen Delahunty
  • Ms Hilda O'Malley
The Chairperson is appointed by the Loreto Trust Board and is chosen from the eight members.
  • The current Chairperson is Ms Ger Ryan.
  • The Principal of the school acts as Secretary to the Board of Management.

The Board of Management has a three-year term of office.

The Board works very hard behind the scenes to support the school in all its endeavours.  In October 2023 a new Board was formed.  The Board of Management is made up of Trustee nominees, Parent nominees and Teacher nominees. Each Board sits for a period of three years.

Parents are invited to go forward for nomination onto the Board of Management in September preceding a three-year cycle.  Invitation is promoted through the schools’ parent notification methods.

October 2023 marked the beginning of a Loreto College Foxrock new Board of Management.

Loreto College Foxrock school's Management Team is made up of:

  • Principal: Ms Bernadette Prendiville
  • Deputy Principal: Ms Fionnuala Gleeson
  • Assistant Principals

This team is further complemented by Special Duties Post holders with responsibility for aspects of internal organization and curriculum development.

‘to seek truth

… love what is good

                 ….to strive for excellence’ 

Teresa Ball IBVM