Uniform items are available from:

Unit B, Three Rock Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, D18 H213.    Tel: 01-230 0501 


Please note that from 9 July 2018 'Uniformity' has moved into new premises -

Unit B, Three Rock Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, D18 H213

Contact information remains the same:   – Tel:  01 2300501, info@uniformity.ie.  

May 2018

School Uniform

The following items are compulsory:

  •  Uniform Skirt
  •  Uniform Jumper with Crest
  •  Uniform Blouse with Crest
  •  Uniform Jacket with Crest
  •  Plain Knee Socks (White)
  •  School Shoes - As per selection in ‘Uniformity’


  •  School Scarf


PE Uniform

Incoming 1st Year students are required to purchase the new school track suit.  This is the ONLY track suit to be worn by 1st Year students. 

The following items are compulsory for PE class:

  •  White Polo Shirt with school crest                   
  •  School Track Suit with crest (Top & Bottoms )
  •  White Sports Socks - (A change of socks is  required on PE day)


  •  Shorts with school crest
  •  Running Leggings with school crest for gym, running and athletics

A separate sports bag is required.  It is recommended that students purchase a small padlock.


Sports Uniforms

Students will be required to purchase specialised school uniform items for their chosen sport/s.

  •  Hockey and athletics uniforms will be available from ‘Uniformity’. 
  •  Basketball uniform will be available from the school sports hall in October.
  •  Astro-turf runners, mouth guard and shin pads are required for hockey.  
  •  Non-marking sports runners for use in the sports hall only.  (Astro-turf runners are not permitted in the sports hall).


TY General Equipment

  •   Waterproof rain jacket
  •   Leggings
  •   Walking runners with good grips
  •   2 pairs of walking socks
  •   Sleeping Bag
  •   Wellies for Geography fieldtrip


N.B.    All items of clothing and equipment to be clearly marked.

The school does not take responsibility for missing items of uniform.


School Uniform Regulations (May 2018)

Given that the public image of the school is communicated through the student’s use of uniform, parents/guardians must undertake to buy the correct uniform, ensure that their daughter wears it and has it properly laundered at all times.

At Loreto College Foxrock uniform regulations are strictly enforced.  Please refer to the section in the Code of Behaviour for Students regarding School Uniform and Appearance.

Parents/guardians are asked to ensure that their daughters comply fully with all uniform regulations, as specified in the uniform list overleaf.

  • In the case of an infringement of the uniform code (including footwear) parents/guardians are requested to provide an explanatory note on the day of the infringement and not at a later stage.
  • Requests for footwear uniform exemptions on medical grounds must be accompanied by a letter from the relevant health professional.
  • Students are not permitted to borrow items of clothing from other students without the owner’s consent.
  • Students found in possession of clothing/uniform which does not belong to them and who cannot provide a satisfactory explanation may find themselves facing disciplinary procedures under the School’s Code of Behaviour.
  • When found, items of clothing belonging to others must be immediately handed into Reception.
  • The School Authorities reserve the right to decide whether
  • students are wearing the correct school uniform
  • students are wearing the school uniform in an appropriate manner.