Principal's Easter Message & Guidance Newsletter

Principal's Easter Message & Guidance Newsletter

Dear Parent or Guardian. Thank you to all parents who have sent in messages of support to the school. They are much appreciated.

Earlier in the week I shared with you the feedback from our Parent School Association and our teaching staff regarding the experience of remote teaching and learning.  I hope you have had time to read this.  One of the biggest challenges for remote learning is time.  As we are all discovering working from home, tasks that can be performed very simply in a classroom can take immeasurable time to do remotely.  Feedback is not always live and immediate.  Many factors are complicating our new situation: sharing of devices in homes and lack of devices in some cases, access to and availability of broadband, being able to judge the pace of work, working towards longer deadlines that you would be accustomed to in the classroom ... and many more.

Our teachers and our students are all working very hard.  From tomorrow afternoon the Easter holidays are upon us.  It is time for a break.  Students if they wish may start some revision work looking towards summer exams and 3rd and 6th year students will take this time for revision and exam practice.  This work has been guided by their teachers.  I cannot emphasise enough that students and teachers need to take a break over the Easter period.  We all need to reduce our screen time and come back after Easter refreshed and ready for school again.  We have been living in a maelstrom of 'online' activity and social media frenzies.

It is important for us all to stay connected at this time.  I ask our students to look out for each other, to be kind, inclusive and offer the hand of friendship in all of their communications.  This is vital for the well being of all at this time.  Please find HERE a newsletter from our Guidance Counsellors.  This newsletter is for students of all years in the school.  In there our students will find helpful advice and strategies for coping with the world we find ourselves in.

From the weekend on the Easter school reports will be available on line.  These reports are for the non-exam classes.  For the most part they will be comment only and without a grade,  but I hope that they will give you a good flavour of the progress your daughter has been making in her academic subjects.  If you have any concerns regarding your daughter, you can contact us through her year head, her subject teachers or if you are unsure of who to contact please send an email to .  We will answer you as soon as we can after Easter. 

I wish all our families a very happy Easter and I hope you all stay safe and well.  Below are some uplifting messages, poems and reflections you might like to share.  


My final word is with Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh 

Dúiseacht le dúthracht le breacadh an lae", which translates to 

"wake with enthusiasm at the dawning of the day."

God bless and take care.

Is mise le meas

Bernadette Prendiville


Loreto College Foxrock

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