Remote Learning Update from Principal to Parents/Guardians

Remote Learning Update from Principal to Parents/Guardians

Dear Parents and Guardians. Over the last couple of days I have sought feedback from our teaching staff and from our parent school association. By understanding each other's context we can bring improvement for our students in their new context of working from home.

Click HERE for parent and teacher feedback on remote learning

Many of our teachers are working from households where there are young children, older and dependent relatives and with restrictions such as poor broadband or none in some cases.  This will resonate with you as many of our families are all at home and in many cases students are sharing devices and work areas.  

The feedback you have given me has also been shared with our teachers.  After an avalanche of emails going both ways, many class groups have organised themselves in Teams and this seems to offer a good solution.  However, teachers are best placed to choose the appropriate medium for their subject.  The photographing of written material seems to be problematic.  Many photos come in upside down.  Please ask your daughters to follow the teachers instructions with regard to how to submit work.

Different uses of media suit different subjects or even different topics within subjects.  The choice of media being used is determined by the subject teachers.  Teachers are also learning and looking at different ways to deliver material to students.  What seem to be popular are Team meetings, video clips or links, voice over on powerpoint presentations. 

We have uploaded instructions re Teams & assignments on our website and will continue with those updates as required. The Microsoft and Wriggle Learning websites have great video and step by step instructions for Teams and other aspects of office 365.

Establishing routines and time management seem to be common issues for teachers and students alike.  

We wish all of our families well at this time & we will keep in our hearts and prayers those who are ill and those who are working at the front line of this pandemic.

Thank you for your commitment to and support of our school community.

Ní neart go cur le chéile, no strength without unity.

Is mise le meas

Bernadette Prendiville
Loreto College Foxrock

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