Las Islas Cies 6th Year Trip

Las Islas Cies 6th Year Trip

Sixteen girls, accompanied by Ms Ryan and Ms Burke Kennedy, travelled to ‘Las Islas Cies’ for three nights (6th – 9th September).

The camping trip was jointly organised for 6th Years by the Spanish & Geography departments.  The girls experienced at first hand the location, language and culture of the islands off the north-west coast of Galicia which feature in the Leaving Cert Role Play 5.  Many of the natural features of these stunning National Park Islands are studied in 6th Year Geography.  The girls were also lucky enough to experience a ‘SkyLight Astronomy’ class where they studied the beautifully clear night skies, identifying through a telescope many stars and well known planets.  The group also went on two hikes to the lighthouses and enjoyed the amazing views at either end of the Island.  Before returning home, the group travelled back to the mainland by ferry and spent their last night in a hostel in the city of Vigo, where they experienced the busy city centre and enjoyed one last meal together.  A truly wonderful experience was had by all. 

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